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Doing It Manually

Working a deal with multiple teams and constant email exchanges is costly, time-consuming, and inefficient.

Endless Emails and Calls

Collecting, reviewing and asking questions data is time consuming.

Hiring the Professionals

Bringing in the experts to verify business data is vital, but costly in time and money.

Navigating Multiple Data Sources

The Tedious Search for Truth: Sifting Through VDRs & looking for correlations in deal data.

With Apokto

Apokto makes deal-building easy: Build it, invite the other party, connect software, and we'll do the rest!

Automate File Requests & VDRs

Select the files and hit request, if available, the file is created & stored automatically.

Verify Data & Evaluate Quickly

Evaluate a business's KPIs against industry standards and your own deal criteria. Quickly.

Auto-Build Financial Reports

Analyze & correlate finance and marketing data and discover actionable insights.

Let , so you can getting the

Connect & Your Sources.

Connect your critical business stack to Apokto and be in full control of the data that is shared. Set time locks, windows of availability and much more.