Select the right plan for your team.

Deal Essentials
The tools you need to organize and get more deals closed now.
Ideal for
Individuals & small funds looking at <$1M EBITDA deals.
Key Features
5 Active Deals
5 Contributors + 5 Guests / Deal
Financial Insights
Marketing Insights
Deal Organization
Professional +
Complete suite of tools for the small professional deal team.
Ideal for
Corporate deal teams looking at >$5M EBITDA deals.
Everything in Professional, plus:
10 Active Deals
Unlimited Contributors
Financial Reconciliation
50+ Financial Reports & Ratios
Portfolio Tracking & Monitoring
Full suite of tools for premier, global deal teams.
Ideal for
Corporate & private deal teams looking at >$10M EBITDA deals.
Everything in Professional +:
Unlmited Active Deals
Unlimited Contributors & Guests
Financial Modeling & Excel Exports
Public Data Referencing
Enterprise Security

Feature comparison

Active Deals
Inactive Deals
Data Aggregation & Visualization
Financial Modeling
Financial Reconciliation
Data Verification
Growth Analysis
Legal Analysis
Accounting Analysis
Compliance Analysis
Bank Accounts
Paid Advertising
Payment Processing
Point of Sale
eCommerce CMS
Customer Data
Public Data
Duns & Bradstreet
Public Legal Data
Secure Data Storage

Frequently asked questions

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What is Apokto ?

Apokto is the first intelligent data room. We combine secure file storage with data from critical technologies that run your business. We quickly generate dozens of reports to help shorten the process from weeks to hours.