Complete due diligence, remarkably fast

Stop wasting with time chasing documents, going back and forth over e-mail and spending weeks to say yes or no. Start closing deals in days vs weeks.

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Doing It Manually

Working a deal with multiple teams and constant email exchanges is costly, time-consuming, and inefficient.

Endless Emails and Calls

Collecting, reviewing and asking questions about data manually is time consuming.

Hiring the Professionals

Bringing in the experts to verify business data is vital, but costly in time and money.

Navigating Myriads Of Data Sources

The Tedious Search for Truth: Sifting Through VDRs & looking for correlations in deal data.

With Apokto

Apokto makes deal-building easy: Build it, invite the other party, connect software, and we'll do the rest!

Automate File Requests & VDRs

Select the files and hit request, if available, the file is created & stored automatically.

Verify & Evaluate Quickly

Evaluate a business's KPIs against industry standards and your own deal criteria. Quickly.

Get to Yes or No in Hours

Collect and review a deal and say yes or no in the same day.

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Use Cases

E-Commerce & SaaS

Connect into software that powers eCom and SaaS companies. Create a single source of truth and view verified data.

Traditional Businesses

Access bank accounts and reconcile accounting software data. No more PDF exports and manual accounting work.

Data-Focused Decision Making

Make informed decisions 3x faster with access to real-time data and insights. No more wasting time waiting for documents.

Some of our Integrations


Unlock actionable insights into your Facebook Ad campaigns with our seamless integration. Get real-time performance data in minutes.


Access Shopify transaction data seamlessly and streamline document collection, secure data storage and real-time analytics.

Oracle Netsuite

NetSuite is a leading integrated business software suite, including business accounting, ERP, CRM and eCommerce software.


Access real-time transaction and customer data and insights for informed decision making, without sacrificing security and privacy.

Google Analytics

Quickly access valuable website performance and product insights with seamless integration of Google Analytics.


With support for desktop and web. Access any Quickbooks account, and view financial health KPI’s in minutes vs days.

insights & have confidence in your with .

Contact us and for a limited time get immediate access to our platform and work your next deal for free.

Data Driven Diligence

Access all of a target company’s data and review KPIs in minutes.

Faster Decisions

Spend less than 48hrs to get to NO and move on to your next deal.

Cutting Edge Tech

Utilize Artificial Intelligence & turbo charge your workflows. Learn More